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Friday, April 16, 2004 10:59pm

Ok, so I got endorsed to solo in the 152 yesterday (soloed the 172 last time). However, I didn't actually solo it. My normal instructor is out of town for a while, so I'm flying with another guy. I've flown with him before so he knows where I'm at skill-wise. He endorsed me to solo before we even walked out to the plane. The plan was to do a few laps dual, then for me to do a few solo. But we got off to a bit of a late start, and I figured in the time it would take me to land, taxi back to the ramp to drop him off, and get back in the air it would be dark or so close to dark that I'd be lucky to get one circuit in. So I decided I'd rather get 3 or 4 more T&G's in with him rather than that (plus I could push dark a little further than I would have solo). After not flying for a month (again), I was feeling a bit rusty. Plus I still haven't figured out how to judge where to round-out and flare. My depth perception sucks, so I have to find some visual cues somewhere. Looking down at the other end of the runway was NOT working.

God I love the 152. It ain't fast but it is maneuverable. You feel every touch of the rudder and ailerons, unlike in the 172. Plus the seating position is just much cooler. Practically sitting on the cabin floor, so your feet are way out in front and level with your butt. Reminds me of a go-cart. Kinda flys like one too. And Vx climbs are much more exciting than in the 172. The pitch angle is so much steeper.

So that was another 1.2 in the logbook. I'll solo the fooker next time.

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