My Flight Journal

Tuesday, October 21, 2003 8:37pm

I gotta say this: I thought unusual attitudes under the hood was about the most fun thing there is in the flight training regimen. But now I have to amend that to say, unusual attitudes under the hood at night is the most fun thing there is.

Got another 1.1 dual in tonight. Took off just a little before sunset, dashed out to the practice area and got some ground ref in (turns around a point and S-turns along a road) before it got too dark. Then up to 3k to practice slow flight and stalls. Been forever since I did any of these. Last several hours (which translates to weeks for me) has just been landing practice and working towards that solo.

After it got really dark I put on the hood and started doing some instrument work - including more stalls, and of course the unusual attitudes. I really love that stuff. The part I love most is just sitting with my hands in my lap and head down eyes closed while the instructor throws the airplane around. I could sit thru that for hours. As soon as he gave the plane back to me I'd have it straightened out very, very quickly, and ready to go again.

Unfortunately, my landing was a little low again. It was a 2 pointer, but just barely. I think I know how to correct it though. I need to look farther down the runway and not so close in front. Can't wait to get out and try that next time.

Hoping to fly again this weekend.

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